A Word from the Con Chair of NebKon Abridged

Hellooo everyone! Some of you might be asking “What is this thing that I followed from that video?” Well, this is NebKon Abridged!

The spirit of NebKon Abridged is, at its core, dedicated to celebrate Japanese Culture and Pop-culture – but geared more towards a 19+ audiance as well as a more summer timed celebration of our local community.


NebKon Abridged’s roots begin in April & May of 2021 in the thick of the pandemic. We (Anime NebrasKon) found out that we were going to lose our location of over 10 years at that point. The Ramada Omaha Convention Center, or “The Ramada” as we all came to know it by, was to be torn down in October of 2021.

While we were in the midst of the hunt for a new location, the question was asked “Should we throw a going away party for the Ramada?” With a greenlight from the new owners, we began short planning period for the event that was to occur in July of 2021. What followed was an event for the ages. Alcohol, shenanigans, and a wild storm that weekend that knocked out a phase of power! So the building was hobbling along, but we made the most of it! We sent the Ramada out in style and chaos.

But this brought on a bigger thought…why not again? Thus, 2022 Abridged happened to its own collection of fanfare and fun! We then decided to skip a year to put some proper planning into all of this. And now, here we are.

We hope you enjoy what we’re putting together! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a line by our contact us page!

Hang tight and stay tuned to this website as we bring more of this together for you all in the coming months. Until then….

Peace out, my dudes.

Nicholas “Nick” S. Schneider
Con Chair, NebKon Abridged.