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    Artist Guest of Honor-FREDD GORHAM!!

    Fredd Gorham has worked as a freelance illustrator for 35+ years for many comicbook, game, and sketch card companies. As a part of Shocktrauma Studios, he has helped work on such Marvel/DC Comics titles as SwampThing, X-Men, Avengers, Superman, and many others. In the game industry, he’s worked on tabletop game modules for Steve Jackson Games, GURPS, Palladium, HERO Games, Fantasy Flight Games and others. Finally, as a sketch card artist, he has worked for many various companies, including TOPPS Cards on the Star Wars franchise.

    In 2017, Fredd began working for LucasArts/Disney on the Star Wars franchise as a freelance creature design artist on “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” franchises.

    In 2012, Fredd started Steel Angel Studios (https://www.facebook.com/steelangelstudios) with his wife Linda to promote and sell his artwork in prints, books and other items of interest. 

    For the past 18 years, Fredd has hosted The Artist Jam at Krypton Comics in order to gather artists and like-minded individuals together into a creative community. The Artist Jam has been featured in the Omaha World-Herald, The Comics Journal and The Comics Beat. The Artist Jam occurs every third Saturday of the month from 12noon till 6pm and It is free to all ages. For more information, go to http://www.kryptoncomicsomaha.com/#artistjam .

    For the past 10 years Fredd was a part time instructor at the Joslyn Art Museum (https://www.joslyn.org/) who specialized in character creation, sequential storytelling and comics.

    You can contact Fredd via these links:

    Instagram: @freddgorham, @thesteelangelstudio




    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/freddgorham


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    Don’t forget to book your hotel room for this summers’ hottest 19+ party! Check out our Hotel and Location page for more information!

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    Get your tickets for NebKon Abridged!

    Ticket sales are ongoing for NebKon Abridged! Please visit our Registration Page for more information. Secure your tickets to Omaha’s hottest mid-summer eve adult party!

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    Panel Submissions are open to public!

    We are pleased to announce that panel submissions for NebKon Abridged are open to the public!

    If you would like to host a panel at NebKon Abridged, please submit your panel via the form [HERE]

    Panel submissions will be open until May 31, panelists will be notified about their panels no later than June 15th.

    If you have any questions, you can email us via the contact us page.

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    Cosplay Swimsuit Contest open for entries!

    Our Cosplay Swimsuit Contest form is LIVE! Please visit the Event’s page, click on Swimsuit contest, and it will take you to the page where you can read the rules, and find the link to sign up! We look forward to all your beautiful faces and amazing beach cosplay swimsuits!

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    A Changing of the Guard:

    There’s no easy way to say this, Nick has stepped down from Nebkon Abridged. With my position of Vice Con Chair, I will be taking the mantle of the Con Chair. At this time, I do not have a Vice Con Chair, nor do I have one in mind for selection. I imagine that will be done in the near future.

    My vision of Nebkon Abridged is this: A night away from the kids.

    Adults my age who are convention veterans will remember a smaller, more intimate, but still very passionate time, where we would go to a con when anime wasn’t popular. At the heart of it all, we could still be ourselves. Sometimes that meant we could flirt more openly, because we knew their cosplay told us they had a shared interest. Sometimes it meant we could game for hours on end like we always wanted to. It meant we could drink with friends without worrying about tomorrow. Along the way, we did get older. We did change our titles, our roles, our relationships, but we never really stopped being a fan of anime and video games and all the things that got us called nerds.

    I miss those days. Being a parent with a mortgage is nice in a lot of ways, but sometimes I miss the days I was broke, single, and barely got to choose what anime I could buy because that technically was gas and food money.

    Conventions have changed too. So many anime conventions, rightly so, saw anime as popular. The demographics got older. They have jobs now. They have kids, careers, and a better sense of who they are now. The shows then changed to be family friendly. There was a nightlife but it felt sectioned off. It felt like we lost some of the identity anime cons had as a more exciting environment.

    To that end, Nebkon Abridged is like any abridged series. We take what we love about the main show and use the lense of our fandom to praise the great and riff on the regrettable. To see what it was like through the lense of today. To share with a new generation that might not have grown up with it otherwise.

    There are going to be a lot of challenges to be done in less than a hundred days to the convention.  I want this one to be the best show we’ve made so far. There’s also only been like two and one of them was basically a wake for a building. So I know we can do this better. It is my goal to get this show done and done right. I will be relying on all of you to get this. I believe in all of you. So let’s make this happen and make it even better for 2025.


    Andrew Montz “Professor Shinobi”, Convention Chairman of Nebkon Abridged

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    Hotel Block

    Greetings one and all!

    It was recently brought to our attention that Hotel Booking Page did not provide proper clarification on what was and was not covered under the NebKon Abridged Hotel Room Block Rate.

    We have updated the hotel block page to reflect the correct information: You can reserve rooms for the nights of July 5th and/or July 6th and both are covered under the Abridged Hotel Room Block Rate.

    I apologize for the confusion this lack of information caused everyone. Thank you for your patience and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to conchair@nebkonabridged.com or to our Facebook Page!

    Nick Schneider
    Con Chair | NebKon Abridged

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    A Word from the Con Chair of NebKon Abridged

    Hellooo everyone! Some of you might be asking “What is this thing that I followed from that video?” Well, this is NebKon Abridged!

    The spirit of NebKon Abridged is, at its core, dedicated to celebrate Japanese Culture and Pop-culture – but geared more towards a 19+ audiance as well as a more summer timed celebration of our local community.


    NebKon Abridged’s roots begin in April & May of 2021 in the thick of the pandemic. We (Anime NebrasKon) found out that we were going to lose our location of over 10 years at that point. The Ramada Omaha Convention Center, or “The Ramada” as we all came to know it by, was to be torn down in October of 2021.

    While we were in the midst of the hunt for a new location, the question was asked “Should we throw a going away party for the Ramada?” With a greenlight from the new owners, we began short planning period for the event that was to occur in July of 2021. What followed was an event for the ages. Alcohol, shenanigans, and a wild storm that weekend that knocked out a phase of power! So the building was hobbling along, but we made the most of it! We sent the Ramada out in style and chaos.

    But this brought on a bigger thought…why not again? Thus, 2022 Abridged happened to its own collection of fanfare and fun! We then decided to skip a year to put some proper planning into all of this. And now, here we are.

    We hope you enjoy what we’re putting together! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a line by our contact us page!

    Hang tight and stay tuned to this website as we bring more of this together for you all in the coming months. Until then….

    Peace out, my dudes.

    Nicholas “Nick” S. Schneider
    Con Chair, NebKon Abridged.