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    Thank you from Convention Chair

    A Letter from the Con Chair of Nebkon Abridged:

    To all of those who even thought of our event, I would like to say thank you. I won’t lie and say the event was flawless, but like the shows we all love to riff on, Abridged was really a love letter to the earlier days. It was absolutely worth the effort on my end. I wasn’t sure how many would show up especially after taking the reins so late into the year but you all did show up. Surprisingly a lot of cosplayers showed up and it warmed my heart to know you wanted our event to share your craft with us. I know I made several memories I will hold for a very very long time.

    To all of my staff, thank you. Every one of you was so professional and efficient that I was proud to even work with you. I hope you all will work with me in the future to make this event even better and give the attendees a show they truly deserve.

    To all of our panelists, thank you for sharing your event with our own. As someone who started out as a panelist at Anime Nebraskon, I found they really were the heart and soul of our convention. I hope to see you again and hope to see even more of you take the stage.

    I would like to thank all of the special guests we had this year. The Shinjuku Strays, especially Leon who continues to honor me with his friendship, who showed me what burlesque and pop culture are really an art form I really never knew about until I started this event. They always have made their events so welcoming and fun that I hope to see them again very soon. I would like to thank the best artist guest we’ve ever invited, Fredd Gorham. We all call him Papa Fred for a reason, he has an infectious warmth and insight we are happy to see at any event, but especially our own. To our cosplay judges, Jeanette Haro, Carissa Baker, and Natalie D. Schamp, who were able to assist at nearly the last minute and whose insight on the craft was obvious even just by looking at them. To our DJs, Qubit and Shylynx, who helped make the ending concert special even when we stumbled before it could even start.

    Lastly, I would like to thank my wife Vanessa. She frequently pauses her life to watch our two kids when I was needed for a meeting after both of us already worked an eight hour shift each. Who supported me every step of the way when I sincerely doubted this was going to be even remotely successful. I love you Vanessa, and I always will.

    We do not know when the next event will be (cause come on, any Abridged series has a rather erratic schedule) but I know the next one will be special because of you, the reader. Your support means so much to me. I know we can make the next one better so, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to submit your thoughts to our feedback form. When we do announce our next date, prepare those panels, cosplays and karaoke set lists, because I know number four is going to be big.

    Til we meet again, I’m Professor Shinobi, keep being yourself.

    -Andrew Montz, Con Chair of Nebkon Abridged 2024

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    We would love your feedback!

    Now that NebKon Abridged 2024 is completed, we want your feedback on how the event went, and what we can do for future events! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

    Please take a moment to fill out our Feedback Form!

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    Event update!

    Our Registration online has closed.

    IN person tickets can still be purchased day of, no price change, $20 at door pricing!

    Hotel block is also closed!

    Parking on site: it is paid parking, $5 hourly, $35 daily max. Overnight parking is $29 per day.

    Stay tuned for our Event schedule!

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    Your Drink Menu for NebKon Abridged!

    *please note, there will not be food sold at the drink stations, the hotel does have a convenience store on the first floor of the hotel.

    Bar menu: The bars do accept cards in addition to cash.

    Cash Paid Bar – Gold Serve Time: 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM

    Gold Liquor @ $8.00 • Vodka – ABSOLUT • Gin – Tanqueray • Rum – Bacardi Superior • Tequila – 1800 Silver • Bourbon – Jack Daniels • Scotch – Dewar’s 12 yr @ $ 7.29 ea

    Domestic Beer @ $6.50 Bud Light Coors Light Miller Lite Michelob Ultra Heineken 0.0

    Specialty Beer @ $7.50 Brickway IPA, Nebraska Brewing Co PILS

    Assorted Hard Seltzers @ $10.00

    Soft Drinks @ $5.00

    Bottled Water @ $5.00

    Fruit Juices @ $5.00

    *also please note, no outside food/beverages may enter the hotel property (unless you are ordering it to your hotel room).

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    Our final Performer Announcement

    The ONE, The ONLY…..TOKIO NIGHT!!!

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    Your Stage Assistant and Master of Ceremonies for Shinjuku Strays!

    First up, we want to thank the Shinjuku Strays for performing at Nebkon Abridged 2024!!

    Please welcome your Stage Assistants: U3L and 3rin!


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    Performer Announcement!

    Please give a shoutout as Shinjuku Strays Cabaret Presents: Jupiter Jean, Nova Auron, Scarlett Snowblood to the Main Stage! Make sure you check out the full page below, as we also announce the STAGE KITTENS for helping lighten your pockets to help these amazing performers (disclaimer: tips are not required, but very much appreciated)


    Your Merchandiser (and Co Producer!)

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    Performer Announcement!

    Shinjuku Strays Cabaret Performer Announcement! Please welcome: Lucy Morals and Trixie Phillips!

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    Performer Announcement!

    Please welcome from Shinjuku Strays Cabaret, our next Performer announcement: Lazarus Rise!