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    Performer Announcement!

    Please welcome: Joaquin Deadman!! They will be gracing our Main Stage with the Shinjuku Strays Cabaret! Join us on July 6th by getting your tickets now!

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    Performer Announcment!

    Welcome to another Performer Announcement! We give a warm welcome to to Missy Valentine as one of your performers with the @shinjukustrayscabaret !!! Stay tuned for more announcements, and don’t forget to get your tickets to the HOTTEST summer performance!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nebkon-abridged-2024-tickets-757003737557

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    Next UP on Shinjuku Strays Performers!

    Welcome to another Performer Announcement! Say HELLO to Catalina Reaper as one of your performers with the @shinjukustrayscabaret !!! Stay tuned for more announcements, and don’t forget to get your tickets to the HOTTEST summer performance!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nebkon-abridged-2024-tickets-757003737557

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    Presenting: Shinjuku Strays Cabaret Performers!

    Good afternoon all you hot party people! We at Nebkon Abridged are more than pleased to announce the Performers that will be gracing our Main Stage for the Shinjuku Strays Cabaret! Be prepared to be amazed and enthralled as Birdie Page takes the stage in our first Performer Announcement!

    Stay tuned to our Social Media as we have a HUGE lineup of Performers to announce!

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    Table Top Enthusiasts!!

    Attention Duelists! and Planeswalkers! And Trainers! and… I dunno Pirates? I don’t know what they call people who play the One Piece Card Game.

    Our tabletop room is going to have a lot of free tables for you to play with others for all those games you usually play or sometimes feel you never quite had time for! Yugioh, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, One Piece, and probably a dozen more we’re not thinking of are invited to join in the festivities! So bring out your playmat, your dice, your tokens and probably another deck just in case someone forgot theirs! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, bring a cube for others to play!Feel free to show off what you’re bringing in the comments so people know what to get ready for!

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    Artist Guest of Honor-FREDD GORHAM!!

    Fredd Gorham has worked as a freelance illustrator for 35+ years for many comicbook, game, and sketch card companies. As a part of Shocktrauma Studios, he has helped work on such Marvel/DC Comics titles as SwampThing, X-Men, Avengers, Superman, and many others. In the game industry, he’s worked on tabletop game modules for Steve Jackson Games, GURPS, Palladium, HERO Games, Fantasy Flight Games and others. Finally, as a sketch card artist, he has worked for many various companies, including TOPPS Cards on the Star Wars franchise.

    In 2017, Fredd began working for LucasArts/Disney on the Star Wars franchise as a freelance creature design artist on “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” franchises.

    In 2012, Fredd started Steel Angel Studios (https://www.facebook.com/steelangelstudios) with his wife Linda to promote and sell his artwork in prints, books and other items of interest. 

    For the past 18 years, Fredd has hosted The Artist Jam at Krypton Comics in order to gather artists and like-minded individuals together into a creative community. The Artist Jam has been featured in the Omaha World-Herald, The Comics Journal and The Comics Beat. The Artist Jam occurs every third Saturday of the month from 12noon till 6pm and It is free to all ages. For more information, go to http://www.kryptoncomicsomaha.com/#artistjam .

    For the past 10 years Fredd was a part time instructor at the Joslyn Art Museum (https://www.joslyn.org/) who specialized in character creation, sequential storytelling and comics.

    You can contact Fredd via these links:

    Instagram: @freddgorham, @thesteelangelstudio




    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/freddgorham


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    Book your hotel room now!

    Don’t forget to book your hotel room for this summers’ hottest 19+ party! Check out our Hotel and Location page for more information!

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    Get your tickets for NebKon Abridged!

    Ticket sales are ongoing for NebKon Abridged! Please visit our Registration Page for more information. Secure your tickets to Omaha’s hottest mid-summer eve adult party!

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    Panel Submissions!

    Panel Submissions are now CLOSED as of June 15th.

    Thank you all who sent in panel submissions! Panelists will be notified via email no later than June 30th regarding their panels, and we will have a schedule posted soon!

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    Cosplay Swimsuit Contest open for entries!

    Our Cosplay Swimsuit Contest form is LIVE! Please visit the Event’s page, click on Swimsuit contest, and it will take you to the page where you can read the rules, and find the link to sign up! We look forward to all your beautiful faces and amazing beach cosplay swimsuits!