Beach Episode Cosplay Contest

Join the Beach Episode Cosplay Contest at NebKon Abridged! To enter, you must be a registered attendee and sign up by July 5th at 6PM. Remember to check in at the registration desk with your ID at least 10 minutes before prejudging starts. No check-in, no competition. [Register Here] and get ready to showcase your cosplay creativity in swimsuit style!

Signup Requirements

  • Participants must be a registered attendee of Nebraskon Abridged.
  • Pre-registration Participants must be registered no later than July 5 at 6PM in order to participate [Register Here]
  • Day of signups will be limited and are first come first served and must be submitted by 2:30PM.
  • Check in sheet will be at the registration desk and you should be signed in at least 10 minutes before prejudging. ID will be required for check in. If you do not check in you do not compete.

Costume Requirements

  • This is a Beach Episode cosplay competition. Attire must be beach themed. Event staff reserve the right to make final decisions on qualifying attire.
  • Outfits should be costume or cosplay depicting how a character could be dressed at the beach.
  • Dress code minimums are the same as the rest of the convention. The laws of Nebraska and city regulations of Omaha apply at all times during the convention.
  • You must wear shoes on stage. Shoes do include flip-flops and adhesive shoes.
  • No live steel/real weapons will be permitted in the contest.

Judging Standards – Prejudging

  • Prejudging will be conducted between 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM and will be held in three minute increments for you to talk about your costume and the modifications or work that went into making it. (Groups will receive an additional minute per member.)
  • You should arrive no later than five minutes ahead for Prejudging.
  • Costume should be worn to the prejudging meeting.


  • You will have thirty seconds to display your costume on stage.
  • If you are participating as a group you all share the same thirty second slot.
  • After everyone has competed there will be a short break while judges decide on winners.

Event Order

  • Collect your Nebraskon Abridged event wristband.
  • Come over to the cosplay event check in. NO LATER THAN 10 MIN BEFORE PREJUDGING
  • Arrive to prejudging area in event attire prejudging starts at 2:30PM.
  • Arrive to event Green Room at 4:15PM, 15 min before the start of the contest. Showing up later than 4:25PM will result in disqualification from the event. 
  • You will be assigned seating corresponding to the order you will compete.
  • The cosplay swimsuit competition will begin at 4:30PM.
  • Wait for final judging results.
  • Prizes, If you hear your name come up and collect your prize, shake judges hands.
  • There will be a post event judges meeting to debrief with contestants in Ballroom B.

Competition Standards

  1. There is NO tolerance of violence, racism, or shaming of any kind.
  2. You may compete in a group of up to four people, however if your group wins any prizes they are shared as a group.
  3. If you arrive at the contest green room more than ten minutes late you will forfeit your spot in the contest.
  4. This competition will have two levels of craftsmanship competitors.
    1. Beginner: May have competed before a few times or may have never competed at all at any convention. Has not won more than one award during any convention.
    2. Advanced: Has competed several years and has won multiple awards during any convention.
      1. Level selection is up to the individual competing but beginners may be bumped up to advanced category at contest staff’s discretion.
      2. You may also elect to forgo craftsmanship and compete solely on stage presence. This choice will still require you to attend prejudging.
  5. After you have registered should you be unable to attend the competition for any reason you must Email cosplay event staff Failure to do so before the end of check in will result in a one year ban from competing.
  6. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the competition. Should you be unable to collect prizes at that time for any reason you will have until the end of day to collect them from ConOps, prizes collected in this manner require ID to collect. Failure to collect prizes before the end of Con will result in the forfeiture of said prizes.
  7. Walk-on music for main stage is per-picked. NO Exceptions.
  8. You may move around the green room freely but are expected to be seated when the competition starts to make sure you are ready for the stage.
  9. There are 30 slots available for competitors.